10 of the most profitable work on remaking your home

Homeowners today unsweetened: real estate market in the U.S. is experiencing hard times. However, some experts argue that the market will start to come to life in 2010. Therefore, in anticipation of rising prices should not be delayed for a long term mess kitchen or update the front lawn. Program Manager at Harvard University, “The reconstruction of the future,” says Kermit Baker, “Any today improving your home to increase its value in the future.” But what kind of work will bring you the most bang? Look at the proposed list and start working on the best, in your opinion, option, and then just enjoy the result.
1. Painting
Why is it useful? Painting provides a dramatic effect at low cost. If you hire a professional, be prepared to pay from 3600 to 6000 dollars for the interior work (considering the average size of the American home is about 220 square meters). External work will cost in the region of $ 5000 or so. Can not decide the color? Listen to the opinion of professionals. Jerry Willis, columnist of “open house” on CNN, the author of “His wealth» (Home Rich), argues that the house pale yellow to sell quickly and at a great price. Barbara Richardson, Head of Marketing and Glidden factory known analyst of color modes, gives this explanation: “Yellow upbeat and inspiring. He brings people joy and confidence in the future. “
2. Cladding siding
Why is it useful? According to a study conducted in 2007 by the magazine “Reconstruction”, the best is the use of cement-bonded panels (CDP). These panels are made of sand, cement, and pulp chips. With the average cost of a CDP kit around 13200 dollars he pays about 88% (11,635 dollars). Vinyl siding can break, crack and warp. Aluminum siding fades with time, and on it there are dents. A CDP does not require special care, are not affected by external factors, are fire resistant, do not rot and are not affected by termites.
3. Construction of terraces
Why is it useful? Terrace – this is not just a place for lying in the sun and eating hamburgers. “Consumers view terrace as a seamless transition from inside the house out,” – said Jerry Levine, president of architecture and construction firm «Levine Group» (Silver Spring, Maryland). Experts recommend using a natural, rough-treated wood. In 2007, the wooden terrace (as opposed to concrete or composite) showed an impressive return on investment. Homeowners spend working and timber on average 10,350 dollars to benefit in 8840 dollars, or about 85% of the costs incurred.
4. Updated kitchen
Why is it useful? Remodeling of kitchens, returning 83% of the costs incurred, can not hurt you. “People know that an upgrade is like a nightmare, and potential buyers prefer that you have done for them this dirty work” – says Vern Yip, designer and host of Deserving Design. “However, use only high-quality kitchen equipment made of stainless steel with granite counter tops and do not use them in conjunction with cheap materials such as laminate.”A word of caution: if your home is a small double bungalows, do not try to equip it with, say, a cabinet oven class Hi-End. “You will never get your money back by installing” advanced “device in a small house,” – says Leslie Sellers, vice president of the Appraisal Institute of ownership, Realtors Association of Professional Appraisers in Chicago. And if capital is not possible to replace all devices, “You can make an easy redecorating the kitchen, located in a satisfactory condition,” – says Stephen Bullock, a New York designer and a full member of the National Association of Experts in the kitchen and bathrooms (National Kitchen & Bath Association) Hakketstaune in New Jersey. For example, if your kitchen appliances are in good working order, paint it with electrostatic paint to give the appearance of metal or enamel coating. And do not forget to clean out your closets.Recently become very popular to use as water filters in the kitchen or the whole house. Investment in clean water can be very beneficial, and reduce the daily cost of buying bottled water.

5. Window Replacement
Why is it useful? If the weather was cold and rainy, and it happens … in your room, immediately change the window! You not only lose precious heat, but your heating bills soaring. “Energy-efficient windows eliminate drafts, so the house becomes warmer,” says Sellers. Last year, homeowners have spent 11,400 dollars to replace ten windows size 3×5 ft (90×150 cm) on windows, returned 81 percent of their value (9240 dollars).
6. Bathroom remodeling
Why is it useful? Updating the bathroom, including the replacement of surfaces and installation of new devices, provides a good return funds – from 68 to 78 percent. But “avoid anything too trendy” – warns designer Vern Yip. “Choose the classic features, such as off-white tiles on the floor that will appeal to people with traditional and contemporary tastes.” Here, too, there is no need to install a futuristic equipment. “Bath – it’s just a bath. Jacuzzi does not affect the sale of the house, “- says designer Stephen Bullock. To quickly update existing sinks, toilets and bathtubs can use the services of Miracle Method. This company produces coated surfaces of ceramic, porcelain and fiberglass special chemical composition, after which the surface looks like new porcelain. Price – from 465 to 600 dollars for a bath.
7. Landscaping
Why is it useful? Your yard before the house – this is the first thing that catches people’s eyes. So it makes sense to make it more attractive as possible. You can even just make a wall of petunias, and your work will not go unnoticed. “Do not be afraid to spend money on perennials that will delight you year after year,” said Yip. As for the trees, and other more expensive acquisitions, they are not just decoration, but also prevent erosion, prevent the rising waters during rainstorms, absorb carbon dioxide and purify ground water of impurities. They also help to sell the house at a lower price. Arbor Day Foundation (Arbor Day Foundation) offers to buy a 6-8-foot blue spruce and oak trees (which are commonly found in the United States over the place), growing up to 2 feet per year. In the future, the demand for houses with stately, manicured trees will only grow. To determine which side of the site should decorate in the first place, just go from the road to the front door. “Consumers make decisions in just 8 seconds,” says Barbara Corcoran, founder of the Corcoran Group real estate firm in Manhattan. “After that, they either fall in love, or just thank for the meeting.”
8. Installing air conditioning system
Why is it useful? Installing air conditioning in the home area of 2400 square meters. feet will cost at up to $ 10,000 and raise the value of the home by 10-20%, according to an expert on real estate appraisal Leslie Sellers. Central air conditioning system is also energy efficient. Centralized modules have an average energy efficiency (energy-efficiency rating, EER) 11.8, while individual air conditioning – just 8.5. In addition, the central air conditioning system does not require a plug-in installation in windows, allowing you to keep them attractive.
9. Repair basement
Why is it useful? “There is nothing worse than an obvious smell of dampness out of the basement,” says Corcoran. “Dry basement is much more important concerns about the proper lighting or environment.” If your basement is subjected to flooding, it has a flow tube or high humidity – call specialists. If you want to decorate the basement drywall, do hydro, steam, thermal insulation, put laminate or even arrange a swimming pool in it, “make sure that the quality matches the quality of the rest of the house” – warns Lonnie Rutherford, chairman of the National Association for the construction and renovation of houses (National Association of Home Builders Re-modelers) in Washington. According to a statement Sellers, “will return you to the basement reconstruction of about 50 to 100% of the costs, depending on the quality of materials.”The basement can also accommodate home water purification system (best water filters).
10. Installing pool
Why is it useful?When making the decision to install the pool is important to consider what part of the country you live. In places like Arizona or Florida, where it is extremely hot in the presence of the outdoor pool can increase the value of the house by 8% (according to research by the National Association of Realtors, conducted in 2003). However, in areas with a temperate climate, he usually does not pay off. Care of the pool can be overlaid, and potential buyers think about the amount of work coming to them, as well as security issues and additional insurance. But if you plan to do to enjoy the pool for many years, we just do it for pleasure.

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