Are Debt Consolidation Lenders Worthy?

Are Debt Consolidation Lenders Worthy?

For most people, debt consolidation is the best way to deal with credit problems. This is because it reduces the burden of making payments; it lowers the interests you have to pay and gets you started on a journey towards financial freedom. However, debt consolidation does not work for everyone. This method of fixing your credit situation may end up leaving you with more debts than you started out with.

There are various reasons why debt consolidation may not be worth it after all. These include:

Puts your house at risk

When you generate funds through your home equity debt to pay your credit card bills, you put your home at risk. This is because you have exchanged your unsecured debt for a debt that is secured therefore when you are not able to make the payments; a foreclosure is very likely.

You are not in charge

The economic crisis has resulted in many illegitimate companies that promise to help you reduce your debt and since you are not in charge of the process, you may end up paying very high fees without any results to show for. There are scammers who deliberately mislead you about the terms they agree with your lenders. There are instances where the consolidators add fees to the monthly payments that you are supposed to make so that you do not know they are actually charging you extra fees. Some of the companies will collect the monthly payments from you and not apply it to the payment of debts.

Affects your credit score

Loans you take out in order to consolidate your loans can have a negative effect on your credit score. There are cases where the loan terms are better compared to the debt terms but usually only the payment period is extended without reducing the interest rates.

The terms that the consolidation company gives you may not be better than the deal you could negotiate with the credit card companies.

Try and negotiate with the credit card companies before you settle on the consolidation of debts as a remedy for your credit problems.

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