Can You Refinance a Mortgage With Bad Credit? Absolutely!

Can You Refinance a Mortgage With Bad Credit? Absolutely!

Are you like the thousands of other struggling homeowners who have bad credit due to circumstances beyond your control? The past year has been hard on the average homeowner; the economy is horrible, jobs are hard to find and even harder to keep with companies filing bankruptcy and shutting their doors in record numbers. Mortgage payments have also skyrocketed for many mortgage holders because of the nature of a loan product known as the adjustable rate mortgage.

Many homeowners may have started out with mortgage payments that were around $ 500 – only to find that their payments adjusted to as much as $ 1700 after a certain period of time. Late with one adjustable rate mortgage payment and your credit score plummets. But the future can hold a better option for you if you choose to go through bad credit mortgage refinance.

Bad Credit Homeowners CAN Refinance Their Mortgages

Truthfully, any type of financing for those with bad credit is more expensive in terms of interest and fees than the same financing for an atypical borrower with good or excellent credit. The reason is that bad credit borrowers are seen as a likely risk because of their previous performance with credit that was extended to them. But on the other hand, a mortgage is a bit different, although you will be assessed a greater interest rate that is based on your FICO score.

With a mortgage, the lender or bad credit mortgage refinance company has the option of foreclosing upon the property to receive their payment if you do not honor the terms of your lending agreement. This makes refinancing your home a lesser risk than if they were simply loaning money to you without any form of security that it will be repaid.

That is why a mortgage refinance option is easier for a bad credit borrower than taking out an unsecured loan of some type.

Negotiating The Terms Of Your Bad Credit Mortgage Refinance

While negotiating with the company that will refinance your bad credit mortgage, your most important concerns should be the interest that you will pay and the number of payments that you will be required to make before you own the home one hundred percent. You want a low rate of interest and you also want a payment amount that you can afford easily without making a great deal of sacrifice.

Remember, the longer the term of your mortgage, the lower your monthly payments will be; but also determine if you really want to be paying on your home for thirty years, or could you buckle down and pay it off in a shorter time period. This is especially important for those folks who are looking for a bad credit mortgage refinance option in their late thirties or early forties because of considerations for retirement.

Refinancing your mortgage means making a new mortgage that replaces the old one and the process of getting your new mortgage will be similar to getting the original one. There will be fees to pay such as closing costs, title search fees, and other fees. Determine upfront during the refinance process who will pay those fees. Are they passed on to you or does the lender absorb those costs in with the new mortgage? Many times the lender will agree to pay some or all of the fees, so be sure to address that issue.

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