Contemplating A Mortgage Refinance? Read On

Contemplating A Mortgage Refinance? Read On
Consider several things before making a decision to Mortgage Refinance. You’ll save money if you stay in your house longer than the “break even point” before refinancing. The time it takes for the lower interest rate to make up for the cost of refinancing is the “break even period.” The larger the difference in the interest rate of the refinance and the interest rate of the original mortgage the shorter the “break even period.” Similarly, the smaller the difference in the two rates, the longer the “break even period.” To calculate start with the difference between the old mortgage payment and the new mortgage payment. You then take that figure and divide it into the cost of refinancing the loan and the answer will equal the number of months to reach your “break-even period.”

Every loan provider is different, so shop around to find the best deal. Last on your list of providers to approach should be your current provider. Your current provider will have a reason to give you the best deal – he’ll be trying to beat the competition. Your current provider will fight for your business if he realizes there is the possibility you will go to someone else. One of the benefits of refinancing with your current provider is he can usually cut down settlement costs, and even lower your interest rate without refinancing. Because you are already a client, your current loan provider might not be motivated to give you the best deal or service. Because of this reason, you should approach your current loan provider last.

If you are torn between repaying your loan in full or refinancing, think about refinancing first.

You will gain the same percentage as the interest rate you are considering refinancing with if you repay the loan instead. Take the benefits of refinancing into account if you don’t plan to pay off your loan early.

If your primary goal is to take out cash, the issue is no longer whether refinancing will lower costs. Consider whether the cost of raising cash by using a cash-out refinance is higher or lower than raising cash using a second mortgage. The second mortgage may be the lower cost option, even when the second mortgage rate is higher than the cash-out refinance rate. This happens because the second mortgage allows you to retain the lower interest rate on the current mortgage. Since everyone’s circumstances are different, don’t make your decisions based on these generalities. Find out how they affect your decisions.

Remember, to always be patient when looking over significant financial issues like a mortgage refinance. Take your time and please find someone who is knowledgeable about Refinancing and ask them questions. Consulting with family and friends is always a good place to start. Just be be flexible and open minded !

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