Debt Settlement Companies – How to Find the Top Performing Debt Settlement Companies

top debt settlement companies
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Debt Settlement Companies – How to Find the Top Performing Debt Settlement Companies

Debt settlement companies have grown in popularity among consumers looking to get out of debt. Debt settlements are a way for consumers to eliminate up to 80% of their unsecured debt while avoiding the consequences of bankruptcy. The only set back to getting a debt settlement is that your credit score will take an initial hit. Most Americans are willing to trade a lower credit score for a debt elimination of at least 50%. Consumers who are at least $ 10,000 in debt are eligible for the services of debt settlement companies. Not all companies will live up to there promises however and this article will teach consumers where to locate the top performing debt companies on the market today.

There has never been a time where so many Americans have been massively in debt. Americans have lived in a consumerism society for almost two decades where being in debt was not only common but actually encouraged by government and big businesses alike. The recent credit crises proved that America cannot sustain an economy where debt is so easy to accumulate.

The passage of Obama’s financial stimulus bills have provided some much needed short term debt relief for consumers and small businesses. While this stimulus money is not being directly granted to consumers, it is indirectly helping them get very favorable debt settlements. Major creditors are using this stimulus money to offset their losses that are occurring in debt settlements. Creditors are therefore much more flexible in negotiation. If you are over $ 10,000 in debt you will want to hire a debt settlement company to help. They will be able to eliminate 50% of your unsecured debt on average but you need to know where to find the top performing debt settlement companies if you want to get the most favorable deal.

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