Debt Settlement Leads

debt settlement leads
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Debt Settlement Leads

Debt settlement is the practice of allowing a consumer to pay a portion of a debt, usually less than 50 percent of the total. The debt company then reports the debt as a zero balance. The money you save through a debt settlement is considered taxable income.

When deciding whether to take the plunge into the debt settlement business there are a few things you must know. Debt consolidation saves your customers on interests occurring and they have a smaller payment to make. If helping people is something that you consider rewarding then the debt vertical is your calling. Here at Underground Elephant, we want our leads to be in good hands. We want our debt leads to get help by a company we can trust. We want to build a great relationship with our clients who have the same morals and values we do, that’s because we care about our leads.

The Truth

True debt help is hard to find, and our leads are looking for that. When your customers ask for debt help, they are knee deep in owing thousands of dollars. When they get help; a reduction in their total debt is the biggest benefit. Most of our leads are experiencing debt so large that they are considering bankruptcy, but this is a less harsh option. When our debt leads choose you it means that you are their last resort. They have no other options and this is why we love our work. We get people help, and this is rewarding in itself.

Millions of Americans struggle with debt every year.

With the economy spiraling out of control, and the internet becoming more and more popular, people are going online for help. Millions even billions of people use the internet daily, and thousands of people look for debt help. These people find our ads and fill out their information for help. We then get their information in our database, then our software determines if it’s a good lead. That day we sell the debt lead to you, in turn you help these people with their issues. It sounds great for every party involved. In the end, debt leads are the way to go. People will always need help with their debts, and you can always help them.

So take that plunge and buy our debt settlement leads today.

Buy Debt Leads From a Company You Can Trust, Underground Elephant

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