Debt Settlement Net Branch

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Debt Settlement Net Branch

Are you looking for a debt settlement net branch?

If you are, chances are high you used to be in the mortgage industry, simply because the phrase “net branch” was commonly used by mortgage lenders who had franchise-type systems that provide a complete business package.

Until recently, most major firms charged hefty setup fees but because this space is getting more competitive this may be negotiated or may later get refunded after a certain number of closed transactions.

Overall, debt settlement is somewhat like the mortgage industry: sell the service, gather documentation about the file, get a contract, and transfer the complete package to the servicing company who handles all the creditor negotiation and trust fund accounting. Your job is gather the documentation and get commitment, and the servicing company then pays you.

Unlike the mortgage industry where brokers and bankers would usually get paid one lump sum, due to Federal Trade Commission regulations regarding front-loading of fees, you will get paid over time (most typically 18 months, as of writing this article). Therefore, it is paramount to effectively manage your cash flow and cost of leads as you grow your debt settlement net branch in order to stay solvent.

Like most industries, a typical cost-per-closed-transaction is often $ 185 to $ 215, which might look like costs from pay-per-click or other online marketing, direct mail, TV, or radio. Due to the nature of the service, “passive media” such as TV and radio can be especially effective, or direct mail to target high-balance, higher-profit clientèle. Some example “marketing funnel” numbers for marketing your debt settlement net branch might be to purchase data for, say, 10,000 records and then mail out for a total cost of $ .85/ea per mailer ($ 8500 for data, postage, and mailer) out of which you should expect to get 20-30 calls, out of which you should close 4-6 deals.

Obviously these are hypothetical numbers, but they can give you an idea of how some of your math might look. Other companies prefer to just focus on closing and buy debt settlement leads with less time investment required but similar numbers overall.

On major question to ask when setting up a debt settlement net branch is whether you can do business in attorney states, non-attorney states, or both. About half the country has legislation in place (aka “attorney states”) preventing non-attorney firms from handling debt negotiation.

Another question to ask when choosing a debt settlement net branch is about retention. Because you get paid over time, a good firm with a high retention and graduation rate not only provides a better product to the end client, but also means you are most likely to get paid on the commission on the service.

Other common pitfalls include not building a referral network with tax professionals and financial professionals, and not selling outbound leads such as bankruptcy leads or tax-lien negotiation leads which will get created as a byproduct of your investigation process. A good debt settlement net branch opportunity will help you maximize your revenue and odds of success. Another easy way to add an extra 10% – 20% to one’s bottom line is by honing systems to increase conversion on leads who call in but do not close by using automated emails, postcards, and phone calls.

Americans are deep in debt, and need help. If you’re looking to create a powerful executive-level income for years to come, betting on helping people get out of debt seems pretty safe. A good debt settlement net branch business opportunity should have you completely operational within a week or two, and with a minimal investment.

To get free resources and learn more about debt settlement marketing, click through to Resources the author’s company can provide include debt settlement marketing videos, debt settlement website development including videos, calculators, and full applications, CRM and leads management software, and assistance with every aspect of setting up a debt settlement net branch.

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