Debt Settlement Solutions Vs Debt Consolidation Programs

debt settlement solution
by Thiophene_Guy

Are you wondering what the difference is when it comes to debt consolidation programs and debt settlement solutions? While consolidation programs and debt settlement services are both positive methods for getting uncontrolled debt into a more manageable state, there are definitely clear differences between the two debt relief options. Here we will examine the myriad differences between the two programs so that you can be empowered to make a decision about the ideal debt relief solution for you and your needs.

Debt Settlement Solutions are supplied by non profit and for profit companies; these services involve a debt negotiator that contacts the consumer’s creditors and that negotiates a debt settlement when possible. Often times, the negotiator will be able to get high debts reduced to a total that is more easily managed by the consumer. The consumer then establishes a special account where monies are deposited and used to pay off various debt settlements arranged by the professional negotiator. These programs are completed over twelve to thirty-six months time and while the debtor may not be completely out of debt by the end of the program, many of the debtor’s debts have been resolved.

Debt Consolidation Programs involve the act of getting a loan from a lender or from some other source. The loan is used to pay off all pending debts. This leaves the consumer with a single principle, the applied interest, and one monthly payment.

The debtor will then have to pay the loan payments regularly and keep up on current bills/debts in order to remain relatively debt free. The consolidation programs allow the debtor to get debts under control swiftly, but again, the debtor will not find him or herself completely free of debt, and debts are not negotiated with a consolidation program so they are not reduced. Bear in mind that with this type of program, if the consumer’s credit is very poor, it may be quite difficult to get a loan at all, and if a loan is obtained, the interest rate may prove extraordinary. In addition, the consumer may have to offer up some significant collateral in order to get the loan approved.

When it comes to comparing debt settlement solutions and debt consolidation programs you will have to reflect on what is best for you. Both programs have benefits, and both programs will help you in resolving some, if not all of your debts. You may want to speak to a representative from each type of company before you make your final decision.



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