How to Reduce Your Excessive Credit Card Debt by Spending Less & Paying Off Your Credit Cards Fast!

paying off credit card debt fast
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How to Reduce Your Excessive Credit Card Debt by Spending Less & Paying Off Your Credit Cards Fast!

Do you want to know how to get rid of excessive credit card debt? This article will help…

Today’s consumer society takes our consumption to new heights every day. They come up with more ways for us to spend our money, even when we don’t have any! Take credit cards for example, they are the perfect way to make you think that just this once you can treat yourself with something that you really cant afford, and why not since you will pay it back later anyway. The more credit you spend, the more they raise your limit, and the hole in your wallet grows.

Most of us are really good at pressing back the worries of tomorrow into a black space in the back of our heads, until one day we sit there with the bills in our hands and wander what we were thinking and how we are going to handle this to get through this month without starving. From the beginning you probably planned to pay off everything that you borrowed from you credit card, but when you see the growing pile of bills, you will end up only paying the minimum amount, which doesn’t eliminate, or barely touches, your loan at all since it only pays off the interest.

So now what? First of all you have to take out a sharp scissor and cut all your credit cards in half! Try to learn from your mistakes by not pressing the problems further back in your head. Put all the bills out in front of you and sort them out by putting the lower amount bills in one side and the higher amounts in one side. To keep you from panicking, pay off the smaller amounts first so you can put those bills out of sight and out of mind for another month. Then sort out the higher amounts by date. Pay off whatever you can according to due date and start reevaluating the small things in life!

Do you really need to eat lunch out every day? Probably not.

Do all your food shopping at once for a month in the cheapest food market you can find within a reasonable distance. You have to realize that in order to get you back on track, you have to skip the take away coffee on the way to work. Many small rivers makes an ocean! Minimize your small costs throughout the day that you think doesn’t matter, because they do. Have all the meals you can at home, and the once you cant you have to make at home and take with you! Surely you can live without most small costs until you have taken care of your huge pile of paper. It is all about reevaluating!

There are actually a lot of fun things you can do for free in every city in the world, you just have to get the patience to find them. All the money you would have put on other things you should put in a bowl, and whenever you have enough money for the first bill in your pile, you make sure you pay it off, and you continue like that until your paper stash is totally eliminated! This will take months to do and maybe your debt will only sink a small amount every month, but it is something you have to do if you don’t want to be trapped in the vicious credit circle forever! When you have done that you can pat yourself on the back, and you have probably found new things in your life to value and have fun with that don’t mean using your many credit cards. Don’t let the credit devils take you down again!

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