Mortgage Home Loan Modification – Who Should Apply?

A mortgage home loan modification is to help those individuals and families who are having trouble making their monthly mortgage payments. These modifications include the applicant making a proposal either by themselves or with the assistance of a third party as to having a new agreement formed with the lender. It is up to the lender whether or not the proposal or the application is accepted. They may enter into negotiations with the borrower or third party to make an agreement that all parties involved will be benefited from. Of course these modifications are not for everyone. First, not every person is eligible, and second, not every person wished to stay in their home for the period of time that may be needed.

Financially Unstable
The individuals who can no longer afford to make their payments every month may want to consider the mortgage home loan modification. The individual does not have to let the loan go into a state of delinquency with the Federal loan modification program. The payments only have to be late in most instances but even in with this requirement, there are some exceptions if the individual or family has proof that they will be late or not able to make future payments. This proof can come from the notice of a job loss or wage cut or similar events.
Technical Requirements
There are requirements that must be met concerning the loan itself such as the principle balance that remains as well as the type of residence that the mortgage is taken out on. The residence does have to be the primary living location of the family and has to be a single family home between one and four units. The amount permitted on the principle is according to how many units the home consists of. Other requirements include that the loan must have been taken out before January 1 of 2009 amongst others. With some of the requirements, there are exceptions depending on the situation.
Living Arrangements
One factor to consider when thinking about obtaining a loan modification is how long a family intends on staying in that residence. For those individuals who aren’t sure that they want to keep the home or have the responsibility of a mortgage may not want to opt for a modification but for a short sale instead. This means that their home is sold to another buyer and the borrower is free from the mortgage and can look for another, perhaps less expensive place to live.
Family Circumstances
Many of these items depend on the family circumstances. These should be well-thought through before going ahead with a mortgage home loan modification agreement. The negotiation process can take unnecessary time if the family decides against remaining in that home. It is recommended that the individuals involved seek professional advice concerning their situation and what would be best for them. They can find free advice online if and when they want to have a discussion with a fully qualified expert without any strings attached.

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