Refinance Home Loan Rates – Will Mortgage Rates Continue to Fall?

Refinance Home Loan Rates – Will Mortgage Rates Continue to Fall?

Refinance home loan rates continue to be very volatile during the month of August. We have seen mortgage rates go from 5.1% to 5.5% and all the way back down to 5.1%. The one thing that is going to get very interesting is to see if home loan rates go below 5%. If rates continue to fall below this level, we are going to see a swarm of mortgage applications and this is going to greatly affect the mortgage lenders.

If you have been considering getting a refinance now might be the time to get started because if you wait, you could get caught up in the mess of mortgage applications that all come in at once. For some reason, 5% seems to be the psychological barrier that needs to be taken out before we see the great refinance boom everyone has been calling for. When this boom does happen, there are going to be some homeowners who do not get the low rates because lenders are so backed up.

The one good thing about the current economic environment is that there are many lenders out there that are advertising mortgage rates under 5%. It might be a good idea to give some of them a call now before we see rates drop below 5%. If you take action now rather than waiting you might save yourself a lot of time and trouble. You do not want to miss out on refinance home loan rates when they go under 5%.

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