Understanding Your Benefits in Credit Debt Settlement

credit debt settlement
by Casey Serin

Understanding Your Benefits in Credit Debt Settlement

When it comes to credit debt settlement, many people find that they are often confused on what that really means. And since there are so many different types of programs being offered out there, there is little doubt that it can all be pretty confusing.

This type of help should not be confused with credit counseling. Credit counseling only helps to negotiate the interest rates that you are paying. When you are looking to settle your debt, what you are trying to do is to reduce the actual principal amount that you owe. This means that the creditor would agree to take seventy, sixty, or even fifty percent of what you owe and drop the remaining balance.

For those who are looking to greatly reduce the amount of money that they owe, debt settlement is the way to go. By paying only a fraction of what was originally owed to the creditor, you will be able to send money to other bills that you have. This will allow you to put more money towards other things in life that you need to take care of such as car repairs and finishing a home remodeling project you have had in mind for a few years.

Credit debt settlement is something that some people fear, but that is simply because of the lack of understanding of what it can do. Some may believe that bankruptcy is the way to go but that should never be considered until all other options have been exhausted. And since just about every creditor out there will accept a debt settlement offer, there is no reason to harm your credit with a bankruptcy. With settling your debt, your credit report will still show things in your favor which means you could get another credit card or personal loan if some sort of an emergency came up.

Even though you really do not want to snatch up more credit cards, the last thing you want to do is to place yourself in a position that would not allow you to if you really needed it.

With a bankruptcy it is very unlikely that you will be able to obtain any real credit for a few years to come. And since a lot can happen in a short period of time, the credit debt settlement deal is the best route to take.

Another thing that seems to concern a lot of people is what their credit report will show with a debt settlement taken. Every company and creditor is different so it is important to speak with each one to determine what their standard reporting is. There is always room to negotiate what their final reporting is so make sure that you try to work everything to your advantage. The typical reporting will be “Paid As Agreed” or “Paid In Full For Lesser Amount”. Negotiating how this would appear on your credit report can even become part of the debt settlement agreement that you work out.

While those show that you may have taken part in a credit debt settlement, it is much better then another year or two of late markings or a bankruptcy marking. If you are ready for a fresh start for a cheaper cost, then start making the right arrangements today and tomorrow will be a brighter day.

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