When to Refinance a Second Home Mortgage

When to Refinance a Second Home Mortgage

Knowing when to refinance your second mortgage is extremely important the timing has to be just right, it should have a low interest and low or no fees. Prior to refinancing make sure that it will be in your best interest, you should be able to save money or have lower mortgage payments if you refinance.

Lower Rates Equal Savings

Refinancing can save you hundreds of dollars a month with lower interest rates. Knowing when to refinance is the key to saving the maximum amount of money. To check whether or not you can save money compare your current mortgage to the potential new mortgage plan. Having both your first and second mortgage can also reduce your monthly expenses; however it will work only if your current primary mortgage has a high rate of interest.

Protect against From Rising Rates

Once you have refinanced there is still a possibility of rising interest rates. By having an adjustable rate second mortgage you can protect yourself from rising interest rates. Even if you have caps in place the length of the loan can be extended and as a result adding to your total on the loan costs. If you refinance a fixed rate will provided peace of mind because your monthly payments won’t be more than the month before.

When Refinancing Timing is Important

Most often with home equity home loans you would normally pay most of the interest in the beginning of the pay period. This means that by the end of the loan schedule you will be paying very little interest. So refinancing and knowing when to refinance, maybe even early, can bring you savings later.

If moving is a good possibility you would want to hold off on refinancing because of closing cost.

Although the closing cost only equal 1-3% of the total principle it takes a few years to regain your cost.

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